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Designing The Orthoses

PM orthotics bespoke precision orthotic

stage 2a of design

  1. Designing the orthoses shell to your exact requirments and as importantly your customers individual foot happens here!                                                                   
  2. The powerfull 3d engineering grade software allows exact requirements to be processed upon an individual foot with   precision and repeatability.                             
  3. This design is saved for any future use and adjustment requirment, giving absolute confidence in future repeatability.                                               
  4. Our software allows all and any modifications or designs to be undertaken.
Design of insole stage 2b
  1. Precision design software ensures Superb BESPOKE orthoses each time every time, our devices are comfortable and effective.                                                       
  2. The next step is ensuring the design is carried into what you require in terms of a milled device.                                     
  3. Computer Aided Machining software accomplishes this.                                                                                         
  4. The CAM setup is amongst the most powerfull on the planet! Both CAD and CAM used by PMOrthotics is typically used within the aerospace and engineering industries

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