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Materials For Orthoses

4000 multitool table

Router milling

  1. Firstly Your choice of materials for manufacture are selected. We have a wide variety of enginnering plastics to choose from. Each has different characteristsic.                                                    
  2. Once loaded the CNC machine is set and calibrated ready to mill the files generated by our sofware.                                
  3. Precision orthoses currently use Flat bed CNC mills from AXYZ international. We are adding to this with a dedicated milling centre at the moment.                                                               
  4. The orthoses are milled to your and our exact needs. A repeatability to within 0.02mm! can be achieved by these machines in practical materials.

Stage 3b

  1. The Orthoses is milled in 3 dimensional form.                                                        
  2. When finished the Insole is complete in terms of geometry and dimensions. This is thoroughly checked against the models for absolute verification.                                                                 
  3. Once we are 100% happy with the product the first half of this process is complete. The device now requires fully polishing and deburring. Top covers are added and further final inspection and cleaning occurs. Only when checked by a podiatrist is the finished product dispatched.

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