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  1. The positive foot model is produced from either a scanned foot, Cast or Foam Box. Producing an ACCURATE and REPEATABLE foot positive that is permenantly stored for future use.                                                                  
  2. The use of digital 3 D model capture allows Precision Orthoses to undertake any cast work and orthoses design required, and yet MAINTAIN the ORIGINAL Stored cast for future use, even if a completely different shell type or dressing is needed!                                                           
  3. Of Course, as can be seen, we also use traditional methods when requested!

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  1. This stage outlines the basic aquisition of a positive model, in either the digital form and better know plaster/resin style.                                                                                                        
  2. In both methods the model requires cleaning and preparing for use. Minimal disturbance to the base data is important. The Delcam design software allows precise finishing. Only 0.3mm is selected for smoothing/sanding at a given time...preserving the positive to be accurate.                                            

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