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Custom Orthotics Expertly Made.

A superior Custom Orthotic and insole Laboratory, based in Telford, Shropshire, UK.

We make the very best, custom, Podiatrist Designed orthotics and insoles for your patients.

Precision Orthotics are passionate about delivering the most comfortable and accurate Custom Orthotics and insoles possible!


Why Precision Orthotics?

About The Best Custom Orthotics Lab

Precision Made Custom Orthotics are manufactured to the highest quality and in any design style. Take a look here at the scope and dedication offered in orthotic making!

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Precision Foot Scanners

Foot Orthotic Scanners

Precision Orthotics Supply and advise upon 3D Foot and Orthotic Scanners. It is important to note that knowledge of casting and orthotic prescriptions is paramount to your patient outcomes!

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Precision Orthotics Blog

Custom Orthotics and Clinical Treatment Blog

Precision Made Orthotics Blog. Aimed to maintain a regular feed of hints, tips and feedback on using custom orthotics to help prevent foot pain. Feel free to browse and contribute any case studies or treatment tips.

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Suffering Foot, Ankle and Leg Pain in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton?

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