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What makes Precision Orthotics a quality Lab?

Precision Made Orthotics attention to detail seeps into every facet of our Custom Insole Laboratory. We are customer focused and very approachable. We started in this industry to ensure only the very best Truly bespoke orthotic device is supplied to patients. We specialise in supporting and helping private practitioners.

Who is Your Orthotic Consultant?

Steven Dowdeswell BSc (Hons) Pod Med. Mr Dowdeswell began life as a draftsman and design Engineer. The world of Podiatry beckoned and he has never looked back. Orthotics Design and manufacture, along with lower limb biomechanics were obvious areas to which he gravitated. Steven formed the lab to ensure only the very best orthotic products were supplied to his patients and the patients of his colleagues. Steven is a rigid guardian of correctly manufactured bespoke orthotics at the lab, the design and end product must be absolutely correct to prescription.

Do you offer RUSH orders?

We offer Rush orders. Please see the prescription forms for detail.

Can You Deliver Directly to the Patient?

Yes! A £10 charge is applied. We will post by royal mail special delivery, unless requested differently.

What Is Your Standard Turnaround on bespoke Orthotics?

We average 7 day turnaround Please note that a lab is not diary based and will on occassion be strained to capacity. This is unavoidable, regardless of lab size.

What is an adjustment to the orthotic?

An adjustment is free within 90 days and by discretion thereafter. Examples of adjustments are the bevelling of heel posts, narrowing of a shell at the heel or forefoot and if possible slight arch lowering. Adjustments are not topcover alterations, additions removal and replacement, such as pads and domes!

What Guarantees do you offer?

Milled Shells are guaranteed against poor workmanship or material failure for 12 months. Vac Formed Shells are guaranteed in thhe same way for 3 years. Topcovers are guaranteed only against poor workmanship. We highlight that refurbsihment requirments are variable and specific to an application, use and individual. Wear and tear is your responsibility. We strongly encourage our PROTECT range of policies to assist with adjustments and refurbishments. It really is of financial benefit when required by a patient!

How Long do top covers last?

Between 3 months and 5 years. You are responsible for selecting the appropriate topcover for patient use. EVA and Vinyl will be better at resisting sweat/moisture and also ripping. PPT and Poron are poor for this and can rip in days, particularly if you specify heel cushions etc. We will change or replace if this occurs, however it is a chargable alteration. Deeper heel cups will preclude to the use of only EVA in many instances. 

Low Profile Milled Orthotic

Best Milled Orthotic

Suffering Foot, Ankle and Leg Pain in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton?

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