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Plantar Digital 3D Foot Scanners

This section is dedicated to plantar digital foot scanning, the technology and products supported and provided by Precision Made Orthotics Laboratory.

After several years working with and using all manner and means of 3 dimensional plantar foot capture devices we feel qualified to offer an opinion on and support for the DELCAM I-QUBE.

Mr Steven Dowdeswell, the podiatrist running Precision Orthotics has undertaken in excess of 4000 digital scans within the real world clinical environment of private pracice, resulting in orthoses provision. A larger number of Plaster casts and foam box impressions have been used also. When combined with the required scanning of negaitive casts and foam boxes into dedicated orthoses production software each and every day, we feel our experience counts. Remember these orthotics are 100% bespoke and individual, NO LIBRARY INSOLES ARE EVER USED HERE!

Although not every Digital capture device on the market has been tested (most are covered) a thorough market review can be claimed for most day to day aplications.

Please follow the link to the right "Digital Foot Scanners" for further information.

Key attributes of the I-Qube 3D foot Scanner

  • High Quality Design, that is attractive and safe to use. Fully CE Marked.
  • Captures a full and true Volumetric foot model, accurate to 0.4mm!
  • Used as Non Weightbearing, Semi Weight bearing and full weight bearing foot Scanner, Unique in this aspect makes a tool for all needs.
  • Captures the crucial posterior calcaneus, in fact a lot of the posterior leg is captured also!
  • 5 Camera design makes for highly accurate laser scanning and dual white light camera capture, allows superb cut-out/modification placements.
  • Timed delay on scans, enables positioning of patient prior to scan commencing. A non touch Infrared button can also operate the scanner directly!
  • Encased scanner with lid that is dual purpose, keeps Machine safe and makes for easy transportation. 

 "The I-Qube is the most clinically applicable, dual data capture plantar foot scanner available to the medical market. The full engineering support of Delcam allows complete confidence in the quality and precision provided". And critically: The I-Qube is not locked to an individual Laboratory! Providing the clinician with complete control and choice as to where there devices are made! 

A Word About Quality

It should be noted that the quality of your prescription, and very importantly.......The quality of your Orthoses Laboratory makes a huge difference to the outcome in terms of finished device! The best Scan and/or prescription will not help if you receive a device that looks nothing like the scanned model and very much the same as a generic insole. 




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