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Precision Made Orthotics_300.jpgPlantar Digital 3 dimensional foot scanners

Overview of general requirements

The need and requirement for a plantar 3d foot scanner may be debatable for some practitioners, however the world moves on and so do our patients expectations and professional/practice needs. Generally the process of data capture is the initial start point for bespoke orthoses manufacture.

The foot data that is captured, will in most cases, form a crucial stage in ensuring an effective orthotic outcome for our patients. It stands to reason that the data should be as accurate as possible, in capturing what the clinician intends, in the form of foot geometry. If you find that the capture method, quality of data captured or intended prescription variables make little impact upon the finished orthoses product .....PLEASE CHANGE LAB IMMEDIATELY as you are not providing your patients with the service that they both deserve and are paying for. We have an additional guide on "evaluating your bespoke insole for fit".

From our experience the benefits of using a quality laser foot scanner are both clinical and practice management based. The issues surround

  • PATIENT EXPECTATIONS                                                                                                                           


1.    The scanner should allow choice of orthoses laboratory. In other words the scanner purchase does not lock you into the lab that the scanner is purchased from. Precision Made Orthoses believe in Choice, the way that some companies effectively lock practitioners into a poor service provision is unacceptable. The I-Qube is completely open. STL format output means any digital lab should be able to use the scan.               

2.    Technically reliable, fully certified and with full back up if required. Delcam is a large international company that invested heavily in achieving the very best foot scanner on the market. The back up and support is instant and without compromise. This differs from a "Market Garden" approach that is so common within our sector.               

3.    It should be quick and simple to use, first time every time!               

4.    An ability for the digital capture to be taken in any required position is essential. Semi Weight Bearing, Fully weight bearing and Full non contact neutral suspension techniques are typically used by professionals in this field, so why do scanner companies overlook this basic point.               

5.    The data captured requires that the posterior of the heel and leg are imaged for correct balancing at the lab, full contours of the foot and leg are essential for accuracy....or why bother!               

6.    The plantar surface of the foot should be captured directly and accurately. No "computer calculation" "Wild Guesses" or similar. In our view this is GUARANTEED with laser data capture ONLY. Research suggests that a well and correctly contouring device provides our patients better orthotic outcomes in terms of pressure distribution if this ruled is adhered to.               

7.    All and any prescription variables should be available, scanners and labs that produce generic appearing insoles with limited prescription choices are better avoided, we owe this to our patients!                

8.    Should provide both accurate Digital noise free, hassle free digital foot positive and Quality Plantar digital images at the same time. Essential for offloading and placing accurate additions or accommodations. The scanner should be able to deal with most ambient light conditions, again why design a system that only works in a dark room or with an awkward cover placed over it.

The I-Qube foot scanner accomplishes all of the above, if you are aware of any other laser based quality specified system that can achieve all of this then please let us know.

See Right for I-Qube Plantar Foot Scanner Output. The construction and development of this scanner, coupled with DELCAM support is excellent.







Medial 3D Foot Scan

5 camera multi angle capture provides superb Foot and Cast definition


Delcam I-Qube Plantar foot scanner laser

Posterior 3D Foot Scan

Full posterior calcaneal surface is scanned with 5 camera laser system allowing easy cast balancing


3d Laser Orthotic Scanner Foot Image

I-Qube Plantar Foot Photo

additional information is captured with 2D colour photography


Image of scanned foot I qube also takes white light colour photo, ideal for at risk feet and ensuring adequate additions and cut out locations

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