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To order casted or scanned Orthotics

Simply fill in the custom orthotic order form. Do not miss a section out unless you wish lab discretion. Print our free post label and forward to us by the post office. If you have a scanner, email your scan. We accept most 3D files. 

An invoice will be sent on 21 day terms, along with your device.

To order Non Casted Custom Insoles

Fill out the online form on the Prescription form page. Build your own custom orthotic, without the need for a cast! We will again forward an invoice with your device on 21 day terms....That simple. 

Suffering Foot, Ankle and Leg Pain in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton?

Patients please visit my Podiatry clinic site at WWW.THEFOOTDOCTOR.CO.UK for help and assistance. Sports Podiatry and Heel pain Clinic.