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This section provides an overview of the Precision Made Design and Manufacture process. Remember this is a snapshot, the entire process we find only marginally quicker than traditional plaster methods, employed by experienced technicians and podiatrists the world over. Of course certain materials and occasional customer preference, the hand made option will always be available!

For more in-depth information regarding the manufacture process, see the three separate sub boxes to the right.

Did you know?

  • The entire Precision Orthotics Manufacturing process involves 30 individual steps and quality control stages.


  • An average 3 - 4 day in house turnaround on bespoke functional foot orthoses.


  • The process of designing and manufacturing individual foot orthoses requires a painstaking attention to detail and specialised skill set.


  • Only qualified health care professionals design and oversee the manufacture process. Precision Orthotics believes in supporting the professions that support us. Our Machine centre manages bring dedicated expertise in areas of milling production, enabling a superb finished orthoses to be formed.


  • Precision Orthotics has a complete range of orthoses, covering all patient needs. If you need specific orthoses designs or an individual tailored device range then just ask and we can work with you to deliver what is required! 


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