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Technology Used For Orthotic Manufacturing

Precision Made orthoses Laboratory use cutting edge design and manufacture technology.  

Using the most adaptable and innovative orthoses design software available, in combination with expert knowledge, we are placed at the forefront in designing and manufacturing truly bespoke functional orthotics. To ensure all requirements can be achieved we also use a freehand version of computer aided design software, allowing complete freedom within the design process. We find that this is needed to ensure adequate orthoses dressing and additions are delivered for some prescription requests. 

Technological improvements have enabled the production of high quality devices that are infinately adaptable and reproducible when required. This level of precise control enables superbly balanced and cast corrected devices to be formed and altered as requested.

The Laboratory is set up with CNC machining facilities to enable highly accurate devices with a superior finish to be produced. Our machining ability is provided by AXYZ international with specific Production equipment. Only the highest quality and precise machine beds and controller systems are used by Precision Made Orthotics. This investment in our futures guarantees repeatability, quality and continued production without the 'let-downs' to our customers.

Of Course, for the traditionalist and for certain material types, we offer the time tested positive plaster vacuum forming option.

The most Important Items that we possess, as a bespoke provider of custom orthotic insoles, is our knowledge, experience and compassion for treating foot and biomechanical pain in a conservative manner.

Insole Orthotic Almost Complete after Milling

Precision Orthotics Functional Milled Orthotic, plantar surface.

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